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CIAM, Modernism

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May 21st 1903, Wangen an der Aare, Switzerland

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Zurich, Switzerland

Alfred Roth Change this

Change thisZurich, Switzerland
born 1903, Wangen an der Aare
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Alfred Roth was a Swiss architect member of CIAM, prominent representative and spokesman committed to the modern movement. Alfred began studying mechanical engineering at the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, before changed the architecture department during his first semester in high school. In 1926, he graduated under the guidance of Karl Moser, Swiss pioneer of modern architecture.

Moser helped the young architect to find a job in Paris with Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret, and it was there, in 1927, where he helped design visionary competition for the League of Nations in Geneva, and later oversaw the construction of the two residential buildings in the Weissenhof in Stuttgart. This experience not only allowed him to be part of the beginning of Das Neue Bauen, but also put him in touch with the artistic and architectural avant - garde community. This was also the beginning of his friendship with Piet Mondrian.

In 1928, Roth moved to Gothenburg in Sweden, where he headed an office with Ingrid Wallberg. In 1931 he returned to Switzerland and settled in Zurich. In addition to its construction commitments, Roth was actively involved in the spread of the modern movement.



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