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The E.D.G.E

Wisconsin, United States of America
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Frustrated by the floundering American housing market, Revelations Architects developed the E.D.G.E.(Experimental Dwelling for a Greener Environment). This experimental minimalist structure aims to meet basic human needs while still providing a qualitatively rich life. William Yudchitz, the architect, sees the E.D.G.E. as a launching point and educational tool to transform today's values and the way we create our homes.

The resulting structure explores regional materials and a new formal typology derived from climate, ecological, cultural, economic, and constructional influences. The construction logic started with the idea of two prefabricated boxes at each end of the building that held the mechanical systems for the house. These boxes were separated then woven together by walls of glass and covered by a simple flat roof structure setting up an organizational logic for optimal construction economy.

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  1. Archdaily
vanessafralves, June 11th, 2013
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