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Hoopers Island Residence

Church Creek, United States of America
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This 2,200 square-foot residence is located on a Chesapeake Bay barrier island near the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, an estuarine marshland ecosystem, and an important stop along the Atlantic Flyway. David Jameson Architect designed three structures to accomodate the clients needs of a guest cabin, master cabin, and lodge, utilizing materials and cabin placement to provide cohesion. The Hoopers Island Residence has received numerous design awards including a 2009 AIA National Housing Award. Follow the break for more photographs and drawings of this vernacular inspired vacation home.

The project conceptually fuses architectonic form with the natural elements of the site. Positioned between a salt meadow marsh, a pine forest, and the bay, the architecture is conceived to be at one with the water, the horizon, and the sky. The idea of an elemental architecture is explored in the relationship between the simple form of the building and the agrarian structures that dot the surrounding area.

The house is used with various degrees of frequency and intensity depending on the weather and the number of guests. For this reason, the house is composed of several separate cabins that can be locked down or conditioned and inhabited as needed. Although the cabins are individual buildings, they are linked visually by the exterior metal cladding and coplanar sloped roofs.

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vanessafralves, June 12th, 2013
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