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The Copenhagen Opera House

Copenhagen, Denmark
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The Opera is located on the Dock Island in the harbour of Copenhagen - in the middle of the inner harbour that lets the audience perceive the fabulous view of the Copenhagen skyline. The Opera features two architectonic elements under an extensive roof: A light foyer building comprising an audience auditorium and a heavier back building with the studio stage (seating 200), various rehearsal rooms for choir, orchestra, soloists and ballet as well as the 81 dressing rooms, workshops and administration. The building itself has an outside surface of Jura Gelb limestone. Canals have been dug to make the Opera look as if it were placed on an island just a bit larger than the building itself. The front of the opera was originally meant to have a large glass surface. However, as glass does not age well, the front was changed to have a metal grid in front of it. The foyer floor is Sicilian Perlatino marble. The wall of the auditorium towards the foyer, and the wood of the balconies, is maple wood. The ceiling inside the auditorium is made using 105,000 sheets of gold leafs, almost 24 carat (100%).

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roseborn, August 20th, 2013
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