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Small House

Tokyo, Japan
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Small House was designed by Unemori Architects on a small plot of land in central Tokyo. The building was designed for a family and despite the small plot of land (35sqm) the building area only takes up approximately half of the space on the site (17sqm). Another different attribute the architects employed for this building are large, floor to ceiling doors that act as windows. This component allows for light to permeate the building.

The form of the building is simple and small, measuring in at a neat 4 by 4 metres and 9 metres high, creating a perfect rectangular prism. The design is split across four floors of varying height. A central, spiral staircase cuts through floor.

The facade of the building is clad with a horizontal skin, disguising the floor breaks within. Because of the implementation of floor to ceiling door-windows, views into the building are disguised. The ground floor is partially sunk below-ground, to offer privacy across the threshold.

The roof is utilised for the bathroom, cutting diagonally across the square floor plate, looking back on a terrace.

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aleeshacallahan, December 7th, 2012
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