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Siddhartha Children and Womans Hospital

Butwal, Nepal
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The shape of the hospital building is based on an extremely simple, rectangular form. In respect of construction method or materials, our possibilities were limited due to diffi culties of cost issues and availability of local technology.

For this reason, the Siddhartha Children and Women Hospital (SCWH) became a facility that has a slightly different expression from the buildings I have completed so far. The exterior walls are made of locally manufactured red brick; the interior is covered with mortar and fi nished with white paint that gives bright and clean impression to the space. A colonnade is designed on the west facade. Windows behind this colonnade provide shelter from the strong sunshine and create a comfortable inner environment for the patients and visitors. All spaces that are for children (lobby, medical examination rooms, inpatients and outpatients hospital wing) are consecutive and organized along the colonnade. Realizing openness and brightness that is appropriate for the local climate, was one of the main themes of the design. The entire building process - placing the concrete, piling the brick, plastering and painting the walls - was carried out by the unifi ed power of local residents.

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mariathuroczy, July 22nd, 2014
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