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Repsol - Service Stations

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When the Spanish oil and gas company Repsol commissioned the practice to design a new service station system, the challenge was to update the companys distinctive roadside identity while delivering a highly flexible solution capable of adaptation to suit the more than 200 sites planned around Spain.

The result is a modular canopy system in the Repsol signature colours of red, white and orange. Clusters of these structures form overlapping umbrellas sheltering each station forecourt. The canopy head is an inverted pyramid, its crisp edges balanced by the less emphatic lines of the cladding. The umbrellas vary in number, height and in the degree of overlap between them, according to the size and specifics of each site. The associated shop unit, car wash, petrol pumps and signage elements all belong to a related family of pure, box-like forms. Together, this kit of parts provides the maximum flexibility in planning and can respond to virtually any site configuration. All these lightweight elements are factory made and easily transported and installed on site, providing cost benefits while ensuring consistently high quality standards and rapid delivery.

The canopies are arranged according to a pre-determined sequence, which ensures that a red one is always the tallest. This brightly coloured combination creates a strong three-dimensional image. Even from the air Repsols identity is clearly announced. On the road the stations are identifiable from a distance and are vivid and inviting when approached.

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mariathuroczy, July 18th, 2012
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