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Rave House

Berlin, Germany
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At the corner of Dessauer Strasse and Bernburger Strase, architects Jan Rave and Rolf Rave envisioned an interesing residential buildings, constructed within IBA Berlin 1987 project. From the book "Postmodern Berlin:Residential buildings of the 80s":

"Along Dessauer Strasse, which they identified as the preferred residential street, they placed three building structures, the middle one of which is pushed to the back of the lot all the way to the long fire wall of the neighboring house, creating a large front yard next to the street. The northern building is aligned with the street and constitutes the corner to Bernburger Strase, where another small front yard was created next to it. The two nearly identical front buildings have five floors each and culminate on their gable sides in the concise contour of an arched roof. Oversized square loggia openings on the otherwise rather closed-looking street facades indicate the duplex apartment at the top. The recessed building has six floors and is accessed along the fire wall by a narrow interim space that is illuminated from above. Some of the 35 subsidized apartments that were created here can be easily combined or subdivided."

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sonjadragovic, July 9th, 2021
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