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Perth, Australia
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Video method P.L.E.S.

P.l.e.s. is a participatory sensory-oriented method for analyzing space nourishing individual's spatial sensuousness using video as a tool. It is focusing on our connection to space, which humans forge with the measure and movement. From the very beginning we are included in the process with our whole being, moving intuitively through space, recording audio and visual material. The process leads towards the final video, which is not a reference for a clear and focused imagery, but documents our contemplation of space through the human body. The video may be taken as a final product that documents individual's architectural experience, capturing spatial qualities that are otherwise difficult to capture, such as movement, atmosphere, stories and the passing of time. It may also be taken a starting product that represents architect's cornerstone for a future architectural intervention.

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bostjan, November 29th, 2016
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