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Patudos Museum

Alpiarca, Portugal
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Quinta dos Patudos was acquired by Carlos Relvas in 1805 and offered to his son, Jose de Mascarenhas Relvas in 1888, who later transformed the original dwelling into the museum house that is known today.

In 1904, Jose Relvas commissioned the architect Raul Lino to remodel the old house, following a nationalist revivalist strand, which paid special attention to the country's constructive traditions. The building, completed in 1906, is developed in two bodies, and is marked by the profuse opening of porches and porches, with access by external staircases. The main facade, which defines a patio, encompasses the oldest body, with three floors.

Jose Relvas' objective was to combine a museological aspect with another housing aspect, in order to enjoy his vast and eclectic collection, made up of furniture, porcelain, faience, painting and tapestry. When he died in 1929, his testament predicted that the Quinta and its assets would be bequeathed to the municipality of Alpiarca, and that the property, transformed into a museum house, would retain the name of Casa dos Patudos, which came to pass in 1960 , year of the official inauguration of this important municipal museum.

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bostjan, December 25th, 2020
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