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Pan Am Building

New York, United States of America
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The building when it was still PanAm, 1980, with Grand Central Station in front

The PanAm Building was designed by Walter Gropius in collaboration with Pietro Belluschi and Emery Roth & Sons. The New York skyscraper officially opened in 1963. Since 1992 the building has been known as the MetLife building.


The tower was commissioned to be the headquarters for PanAm Airways. Being officially opened on March 7th 1963, PanAm originally occupied 15 floors, and it remained the PanAm HQ even after the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company bought the building in 1981. Later in 1992 when PanAm eventually dissolved, the building was renamed as the MetLife building.

Another feature of the building that has seized to exist is the helicopter pad on the rooftop.

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