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Pabellon Eco

Mexico City, Mexico
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"The transcendent function of architecture is emotion."Mathias Goeritz

The manifestation of this message was largely molded in the diagonals and "free" geometric interruptions that Goeritz imposed to this building -Museo Experimental El Eco"-, opposing the rational grids that dominated at the time. At the Eco, the principal corridor is an act of this emotional expression. The phenomenon of a long perspective is possible because of its slanted walls and it is potentiated by the floor trace. However, once at the patio, the floor trace radically changes into a rational unalterable grid of the clay crafted floor.The intervention proposes to introduce a new diagonal. A diagonal that does not come from vertical limits or floor walls, but, precisely, from the ground, from the horizontal plane from which the patio rises, creating a great slope.

This new diagonal interruption modifies the ordinary horizontal path of the visitor who walks the museum. An attempt to transform the gridded pavement into an active plane, closer to the Goertiz's emotional intentions. Now, the clay floor starts from the level of the original patio and rises until the wall that separates it from the exterior, wishing to establish a new relation of the patio with the street (in section) and aspirating to create a new horizon by blurring the limit that unlinked it from the street and the park.

With collaboration of Elizabeth Fernandez, Denisse Sandoval, Miguel Valverde, Adriana Alarcon.

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bostjan, March 14th, 2015
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