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Oficinas Casa Hidalgo

Guadalajara, Mexico
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The commission was to refurbish a 1950s house and to integrate a new building to maximize the area of office space available in both areas.

The pre-existing house is located on one of the city of Guadalajara's main avenues which connect the historic center with the modern part of the city, within the protected heritage area. Meaning the project needed to meet certain criteria to integrate it into the complex and its neighborhood. The project had two core premises: respect for the layout of the pre-existing house and the addition of a new pavilion that revealed a contemporary sense of spaciousness.

The original house displays the weight of its walls: their original clay brick construction was revealed by removing the plasterwork. So their stereotomic and repetitive quality was enhanced by the use of light colors. Meanwhile, the metal structure of the new pavilion provides tectonic solution, and is enveloped by a metal curtain wall. Metal was used in the same way both as an envelope for the new building and for the window frame of the old structure.

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bostjan, March 14th, 2015
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