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New Pacific Realty Headquarters

California, USA
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New Pacific Realty Corporate Offices is located at the prominent intersection of Wilshire Boulevard and Canon Drive in Beverly Hills. The original mind-20th century infill structure has an irregular plan as a result of the obtuse angle of intersecting streets.

The existing building façade and interior plan have been renovated through a sustainable, adaptive reuse, and southwest orientation to daylight the Ground Level retail and Second Floor office space.

Small window openings have been replaced with fullheight glass storefront at the street level an much larger windows at the second level. To manage direct south and west sun, the original thin horizontal canopy at the street level was retained and refurbished. At the second level, a scrim of horizontal aluminium dowels follow the curve of the façade to control direct sunlight troughout at the seasons and reflect indirect daylight to office and retail interiors.

The entry vestibule is a three-story vertical space daylit from skylights and features an open steel and wood stair to the second floor office suite chich is planned to reinforce the curved south building elevation and to reconcile the irregular building geometry.

A skylit conference room at the heart of the plan provides the focus and point of the rotation for radial planning of offices. An interior translucent glass-plank partition reflects the curved south façade and distributes daylight to the entire workplace.

Beverly Hills