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Texas Surgical Dermatology, P.A.

Spring, Texas, United States of America
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As owner and operator of Texas Surgical Dermatology, Dr. Nguyen wanted to provide his patients a higher quality experience by giving them a safe, quiet and more comfortable indoor environment. Dr. Nguyen and his general contractor, Jonathan Greene, considered many materials for this building and found all that they wanted and more in the Bautex Wall System.

The medical office sits just north of Houston along the Texas Gulf Coast, a hot-humid region that poses a consistent threat of hurricanes and other inclement weather. The Bautex Wall System provided the project:

R-14 continuous mass wall that exceeds energy codes by 250%Noise reduction with high sound transmission class (STC) of 51Protection from mold, mildew and rot inside exterior wallsICC and FEMA rated windstorm protection4-hour fire rated walls

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lge77, April 13th, 2020
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