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Modern Gallery

Ljubljana, Slovenia
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The Modern Gallery was Ravnikar's first important work in the Ljubljana. It was one of the first modernistic galleries in Slovenia. It is seen the strong influence of Joze Plecnik on architects work as Ravnikar was helping him to draw plans for NUK. Museum shows the respect for tradition, on the other hand starts a modernistic approach towards architecture.

The building has a simple geometric architectural design. Plan t is axially symmetrical with exhibition halls of different sizes. It is divided into three levels: the exhibition hall on the ground floor, depots workshops are in the basement and administration and cabinets with the library on the first floor. The central hall was designed as a central vestibule with the access to smaller exhibition halls on both sides. The compositional axis of the building continues outside the building at the beginning of Plecnik promenade. The entrance is indicated by high colonnade with a canopy. The free and asymmetrical composition of stone facade shows clear signs of the coming of modernism. The transition from rigid traditional rules to the modernist interpretations is evident in the corner of the building, where individual relief panels interfere with the classic order of pilasters and architraves. The facade is a copy of NUK library although made with different materials. The windows are sunk into the facade, which recalls Gottfried Semper's approach to facade surface. The baldaquin above the entrance is a typical Plecnik motif, in this case service as a balcony as well. The building was renovated in 2009 by Bevk Perovic.

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bostjan, July 16th, 2017
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