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Memorial Museum 21. October Kragujevac

Sumarice, Serbia
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On 21 October 1941 thousands of civilians, mostly men, workers, peasants, professors, students, priests, and a group of Roma children were shot dead in the area of today's Memorial Park of Sumarica. The symbolism of the October genocide is transferred in the architectural concept constructed in concrete and natural-labeled red brick. It consist 30 cubes, grouped into bundles, which constitutes 30 mass graves. Cubes have different heights from 4m to 21m, as it represent different age of murdered men. The lack of openings on the facades symbolizes the hopelessness and despair of people before being shoot. On May 14th 1999 due to the detonation in the nearest vicinity the facades of the Museum were damaged and all glazed panels and roof lanterns destroyed.

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ziggurat, July 6th, 2017
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