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Contemporary Art Museum of Macedonia

Skopje, North Macedonia
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One of the gestures of international solidarity, initiated by the disaster of 1963 was the creation of the outstanding international collection of modern art trough donations. This action was initiated by artist, historians of arts, international associations, museums and galleries from all over the world, right after the devastation earthquake in Skopje. The design was a gift from the Polish government for the damaged city after the unsuccessful attempt to be granted to Le Corbusier.

The museum is one of the largest and most complete national institution of the Republic of Macedonia. It is positioned above the Vardar riverbed in the vicinity of the historical structure of the medieval fortress and dominates the surrounding area. It comprises a series of cubic forms collected together into an L-shape urban edge. The building explores the tension between rectilinear geometry and the dynamic diagonal intervention. Rotated at 45 degrees, the cubic forms generate a tension that is elaborated across details. The museum sets up a distinctive presence in a historical context.