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Biella, Italy
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Lovo is a warm-hearted and safe space. It is the cosmic egg which represent an ovule, an uterus, an alcove, a shelter. Therefore the project "born" for the purpose of rebuild an archetypal and emotional spatiality in which man and woman can wear out their origin in shelter against the outside world. So while the two bodies get mixed up in the act of love, even the origins and nature of Puglia dilute themselves in an ancient ploy. In this sense the Paduli park play a role of protagonist. It appear like a stratified bubble which can be crossed and discovered, grafted under the foliage. It's made of two membrane: the first is more external and is the white egg shell which appears at the same time compact and fragile; the second inner, the yolk, is more thick and opaque. This "yolk" is the liquid heart of the project, the spatial and poetic dimension that we were looking for. The external membrane is achieved thought a thick awning, the white net for the gathering of olives often used in the farmer practices. The nets are connected to a structure made of commune reed (Arundo Donax) put together to draw a circle grafted at the frond of the olive tree. We use the same method to support the tent made of orange nets used for the harvest of the olives. The sense of the two materials is evocative; the nets for the harvest of the olives pick "the fruits" and defend them from the contact with the plot. The inner room host sacks made of jute full of straw to create a big soft surface and some lamps functioning with oil obtained from the squeezing out of the olives, to create a pleasant and romantic atmosphere.

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bostjan, August 29th, 2014
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