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La Tumbona House

Pinamar Partido, Argentina
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Casa La Tumbona is a house on the beach in Ostende, a coastal resort in Pinamar Partido in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was designed in 1986 by the architect Clorindo Testa, who is a prominent member of the Argentine rationalist movement and one of the pioneers of brutalist architecture in the region.

The house is elevated on pillars and located so close to the sea that the waves at times can wash underneath the house. This creates an illusion of being aboard a ship, as only water can be seen from the windows facing the sea.

The verb tumbar in Spanish means to fold or overturn, and can be used for waves that roll in from the sea. The noun tumbona can refer to a foldable beach chair.


The house is made of concrete, with distinct cubic forms, and striking angular geometries - all painted red. It stands out starkly as a cubic volume with tapered legs standing on concrete, to which is added an accessory lateral volume and a terrace balcony with access from the beach.

The main volume is significantly topped by a sort of giant ladder with rungs that are formed by segments arising from dividing the square of the floor into eight triangles, thus forming a spiral path to enjoy the sea and forests.

The ground floor is a unique environment where the lounge, dining and kitchen, with a separate area that serves as guest room. On the first floor there is one bedroom next to a pool inside, which opens onto a north-facing window. From the bedroom you can walk out to the terrace which rises in a spiral, until you reach the top, where there is a second basin often used in summer.

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