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Korjaamo Culture Factory

Helsinki, Finland
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Korjaamo is one of the largest cultural centres in Northern Europe producing topical events across different fields from theatre and music to fine arts. The recreational building Korjaamo Cultural Factory is located in Toolo, Helsinki. The newly opened Third Space is a unique combination of eight new kind of studios that can be rented by anyone. It also has a gallery, shop and restaurant. The new space was designed by Berlin-based architect Florian Kohl of Fat Koehl Architekten, with Jan Tromp of Valvomo Architects responsible for the execution of the project. The facilities are made up of eight spaces of different sizes and themes - including a greenhouse, a living room and a media room - with interiors designed by Petra Majantie. Korjaamo's facilities can be rented by businesses, associations, clubs and private persons or groups. Club members, or "korjaamolaiset", can use any available workspaces for free. With the Korjaamo Culture Factory's revamp, Korjaamo Gallery's main exhibition facilities now have extended space and an adjacent studio for housing more experimental art.

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lacuna, September 14th, 2014
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