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JR Kyoto Station

Kyoto, Japan
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JR Kyoto Station

In complex department stores and hotels , and cultural facilities such as multi-storey car park are integrated , building -long east-west 470m, 60m in height is the largest scale as station building .

The concourse over 50m in the central station building unit , huge glass roof spread , forming a large atrium space . Towards the west from the aerial part of this atrium , grand staircase of 171 steps are followed to the Hanging Gardens of top . Air path connecting the east and west is provided at the bottom of the glass roof , the atrium east side as " Hotel Granvia ", " Kyoto theater " , parking is provided as " JR Kyoto Isetan " to the west .

Upon construction , it is proceeding without impairing the function of various facilities including Kyoto Station is obtained . "Ensuring a smooth flow of rail passengers ," " security for train of hot sky and construction business line adjacent construction ", " traffic congestion from construction vehicle , the impact on the neighborhood due to the noise, vibration during construction " and " construction shortening in consideration of the examined "on method involved was drafted over two years fine construction plan . As a result , we were able to complete a large-scale facilities that are greater than 23 million square meters mentioned in about two and a half years real construction period .

One of the climax of construction , steel frame construction of the department store Tatekata part parking and planned to San'insen home on . Slide to slide placed on rails and thus it can not be made steel framework on the home passengers comes and goes , and set the steel away from home , was temporary in the home over the late night hours the steel were assembled I adopt the method . 2,130 t, the total weight of the steel frame was crosscut by being divided into three Engineering District this .

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keishiroyamada, January 13th, 2014
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