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House Creek Vean

Feock, United Kingdom
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The House Creek Vean was conducted between 1963 and 1966 by Richard Rogers, Norman Foster and their respective wives Su and Wendy, grouped under the name of Team 4, for the father of Su, Marcus Brumwell which was a retired chief of an advertising agency and lover art and navigation in Cornwall. The house is perched near the top of the steep bank of a river. A winding path connects a parking area located at the highest point of land with a boathouse at water level. Along the way, the trail passes over and through the house, first up to the deck by a small metal bridge, then divide it into two parts by a flight of stairs covered with grass steps. On one side is the block of a plant, comprising the bedroom and study, and on the other, the block of two floors, consisting of living room and dining room. All rooms have views over the river, and the slanting walls open onto the landscape to maximize viewing angles. A narrow corridor, with the totally blind outer wall, runs along the rear of the ground floor and becomes an art gallery with a tilted glass cover. The walls of the bedroom and study are sliding doors to allow observation of the pictures on special occasions. The kitchen and dining room are located on the ground floor, the living room upstairs. The main material is the supporting concrete block, seen both inside and outside, just the kind of heavy material, worked in construction, Rogers and Foster reject in his later works for the benefit of lightweight components prefabricated metal glass. Also it incorporated some technical innovations. Cover with plants, although common today, was quite rare and daring at the time, and the glass skylight overhead inclined gallery hall was sealed with a material, back then called neoprene.

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