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Gomez House

Durana, Spain
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This house built for Dr. Fernando Gomez and located in Durana (Alava) synthesizes very well the concerns of a Francisco Saenz de Oiza who at age 41 had been working as a professor of Safety and Hygiene at the School of Madrid for 10 years. It is precisely in the school where he begins the first sketches for this assignment. He began by asking himself the question "How could a house be starting from scratch?" Terribly clarifying, the architect's intentions are liberated from inherited bonds and prejudices; that dragged the architecture.

The Organic Structure

In the interior a diaphanous space around the fireplace orders the different rooms. As a result of clear centrifugal character Oiza obtains a functional disposition that is divided in the three functions: living, sleeping and services. The extension of the walls to the garden prolongs the rooms to the configured open spaces outside the house. The use of materials include reused yellow tile from old Alava factories, the cladding on the outdoor walls and pine wood on the ceilings inside the house. According to Rafael Moneo, who was working at the time in Oiza's studio, this house was Oizas turning point.

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bostjan, July 28th, 2017
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