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Franz House

Mar Azul, Argentina
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The ground on which we should intervene is close to the corner, is of small size and the most relevant data presented is a slope of almost three meters from one end to another of a front of only 15 meters. The lot itself is well forested with maritime pine trees of great size, but then the forest is thinned out abruptly. Try to preserve the specimens of the terrain was one of the conditions of the search for solutions.

The steep slope of the lot, the privacy that it generates regarding the street in most of the front and the need to use the limited space required reducing as much as possible the circulation areas of the given program, are the issues that make this house unique with a constructive aesthetic proposal similar to others built by the studio in Mar Azul. In response to these factors we decided that the best thing was to propose a very compact house solved in two floors, which occupy the smaller ground surface in order to safeguard the largest number of trees, while noting that this resolution on two levels in this steep slope ground enabled us to put in contact with the ground almost every room in the house. Thus we solved the program within a square floor plan prism leaned against the slope, which has been emptied in a quarter of its volume creating a partially covered outdoor space with double height crossed by two pine trees of great size. This space, for its scale and location in relation to different areas of the house, becomes the main protagonist of this proposal.

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vanessafralves, June 12th, 2013
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