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CR Land Guanganmen Green Technology Showroom

Beijing, China
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The project is a "temporary" Green Technology Showroom of 3-year use for one of CR Land's (华润置地) residential projects in Beijing. The idea is to develop the concept of "Temporary" from a meaningful perspective, to design a piece of floating "installation" in the garden, which could be built, demolished, and recycled through an easy and straightforward way with the least impact to the planned site.

Site Selection

Architects were involved into the project at early stage when client tried to specify the building footprint within the residential compound. The location was finalized at the central lawn, where they believe in that:

  1. the minimal impact of the designed landscape construction
  2. the minimal impact of planned pedestrian circulation
  3. Easy Demolition and Site recovery after use

Structure System Selection

Steel structure was chosen as the main structural system of the building, therefore,

  1. The structural member can be reused after building is eventually taken down.
  2. Overlap the structural member factory fabrication time with the site excavation, thus minimizing the construction schedule.
  3. The building is elevated, greatly reducing the excavation and foundation work, thus allowing easy demolition and site recovery after use

Building Envelope: Vertical Grass Wall Paneling system and Green Roof

  1. Reduce the heat gain and loss and enhance the thermal efficiency.
  2. The grass panels will reduce storm water runoff.
  3. Although the central lawn is taken away to make room for this building, but we effectively tripled the original planting area by using the grass panels on the roof and two facades.
  4. Grass wall panel is planned to be relocated onto the partial fence of the residential compound after demolition.
  5. Visually harmonize the temporary structure with the existing garden and the so called "Classic Spanish" Style
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mariathuroczy, September 14th, 2012
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