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Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Skopje, North Macedonia
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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry building (also known as “Metropol”), built in 1930s, is one of the most significant public buildings in Skopje dating from the interwar period. Following an architectural competition, the building was designed by Milan Zloković, prominent Serbian architect. Together with the Social Insurance Office building (designed by the Croatian architect Drago Ibler), it introduced the early-modern architecture in Skopje and the tendencies of the European avant-garde movements.The Chamber of Commerce is located in the center of Skopje, facing the main city square and in close proximity to the National Bank (another important building from the interwar period, demolished by the earthquake in 1963), with which it was aligned in height. Following the urban plan from 1929 by Josif Mihajlović, the Chamber of Commerce begins to define one of the perimeter blocks around the main city square. Built on a plot of approximately 630 m2, it consisted a basement, ground floor, mezzanine and three upper floors.Despite the morphology of the traditional urban block, the building is already early modern – its spatial configuration abandons the classical symmetry typical for the previous periods, it is characterized by well-proportioned masses, while in terms of architectural expression its most prominent features are the extensively glazed façade on the ground floor and the double-height space of the restaurant on the first floor. The treatment of the upper floors is quite simple, stripped of unnecessary decoration or ornament, perforated with windows in a uniform rhythm and with surfaces cladded in white marble plates. The corner towards the river, defined with the extrusions of the constructive elements together with the recessed and rounded upper floors, indicate early and rare expressionist influences in Skopje.

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vldmr, June 9th, 2023
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