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Centro De Tiro Esportivo

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
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The Centro de Tiro Esportivo (Shooting Center) was designed by BCMF Arquitectos for the Pan-American Games held in Rio de Janiero in 2007.

The shooting center is situated within a larger sporting complex used during the games including archery, hockey, equestrian and pentathlon events. The site is in a military area wedged between the existing motorway and surrounding hills.

The complex features indoor and outdoor facilities which are utilised for both training and competition shooting exercises. The design includes some necessary features such as an exposed concrete enclosure to protect against stray bullets.

The center is owned by the Brazilian Army and since the completion of the Pan-American Games it has been used for military training.

2016 Olympics

The shooting center will be utilised for the 2016 Olympic Games. Before the commencement of the 2016 Olympic Games, some small renovations will be made to ensure the design meets Olympic standards.

Included in the adjustments will be additional spectator seating, increased security measures and official signage and way-finding.

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aleeshacallahan, September 24th, 2013
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