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Podgorica, Montenegro
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The main goal of this project is to achieve the unity in the contrast between the existing object that requires a partial reconstruction and a newly-built object that, naturally, needs to represent the time of its construction.This project requires building and upgrading of the existing object that was designed in 50is in 20th century. Vertical dimensions of the existing object consisted of a basement, a ground floor and two floors. It was used as State Pension and Disability Fund, so its function remains.A project requires the additional building of Agency for Medical Products of Montenegro, that would consist of a basement, a ground floor and three floors. Also, the existing object should be upgraded with another floor.Architecturally, the existing object represents a reference example of an object of the socialist time. The existing form is made of simple and compact cube with a secondary plastics that is, rhythmically, made of vertical soleils surrounded by a concrete frame. The roof on this object was flat.The object is located in Ivan Crnojevic Boulevard, meeting the Ulica slobode (the main street in the capital) perpendicularly. Considering that, this object becomes one of the important factors of composing the most significant urban picture of the city. The urban set has got the crucial influence on aspatial concept of the upgraded object, so it is set to be angled in order to offer a better visee from the main street and to avoid a great length of the newly created entity at the same time.Our initial attitude is that, it is required to create a harmonious unit and to have a clear impression of various temporal levels on the object at the same time. The form compactness is achieved by introducing a slope roof at the top of the unity, as well as emphasizing unique and strong eaves that surround the whole object. The unity of a whole project is also over scored by a continuous glass surface below the whole eaves all over the brim of the object. The link between the existing and the upgraded part of the object is a glass horizontal under the eaves that transits into a vertical surface. This vertical surface is installed to represent the element that simultaneously restricts and connects the upgraded part of the object with the existing one.Considering the fact that the object is a unity where two different state functions take place, each entrance is upgraded and emphasized by inducting strong eaves, whose visual effects are increased with the a slope ties. The upgraded part of the project, where the Agency for Medical Products of Montenegro is placed, has got a ventilated front made of ceramic panels placed on a visible fastenings made of matt metal. These metal fastenings give the front a moderate radiance, either by night (because of the illumination) and by day (because of the sunshine), which proved to be a successful effect. The glass surface that goes cascade on the upgraded facade gives the individuality because it is perceived as a special unit. This way, the upgraded part of the object got a nature of the time that is made in and the existing part is conserved to its maximum with its original components.We wanted to preserve the architectural essence of the existing object and that was the reason to use a light blue, but completely transparent Parasol glass masks to achieve this goal. That way, the existing structure is completely preserved with all the parameters of the glass surface. Those surfaces served as a factor of a compositional consolidation with a new object. The reflex glass Stop-sol is used on a new object and on the last floors in order to consolidate the unity and undercross the upgraded floors.After the construction, it was proved that, the goal (appointed at the beginning of the designing) is achieved.

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rifata, September 15th, 2014
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