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Minsk, Belarus
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The Belexpo exhibition complex was built on the decline of the socialist era of architecture in 1988. It was designed by Leonard Moskalevich whose most notable work was the Academy of Management and the Institute of Culture along with a substantial number of private residences in Minsk.


The structure resembles an open flower with slightly elongated and bent up petals. The design features five hyperbolic paraboloids, with a strict geometry of windows and metal frames in-between. The construction required architectural engineering and problem solving, which was considered to be very innovative for the time.

Current Use

The site is still used for trade shows and exhibition fairs, holding around 32 international, specialized, national and regional exhibitions and fairs every year. It has an exhibiting space of 83,500 square metres, along with a conference room which facilitates seating for 150 people and in cafe bar 80 seats are present.

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aleeshacallahan, May 16th, 2013
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