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Eberschwang, Austria
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Eberschwang is a small community in Austria's Innkreis, between the cities of Salzburg and Linz. The clients wanted to have the treehouse built beside a small stream on the southern edge of their property. It was also important to the family that, from the treehouse, one could see the main house and the landscape, and vice versa.. Another highly appealing idea was that of being able to catch trout from the treehouse terrace. Following a number of sketches, a design was developed with a very long, narrow terrace with a separate treehouse.

The oxidized Corten steel lends the treehouse cabin, with its sloping surfaces, a very sculptural appearance. The reddish glaze of the treehouse terrace and the support structure has been coordinated to match the metal's rusty surface. Angular windows open up the view in all directions and their shape is subordinated into the overall look. The terrace is largely anchored in the trees, while the treehouse's weight rests on eight asymmetrical, slanting oak stilts. The two elements are connected by means of a small catwalk with a stairs. This bridge helps to overcome the difference in altitude and places the entrance to the treehouse firmly centre-stage.

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  1. Baumraum
gemazzz, June 12th, 2013
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