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Abandoned and Forgotten

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abandoned military uniforms factory

We sometimes think about architecture as something designed for a purpose and to be created with a structure related to it.

Some other times it happend that the buildings change use, as long as the original one is not possible anymore or that time passed and the world needs new spaces (it happens frequently nowadays with the buildings of the Industriekultur).

Most of the places of We Will Forget Soon reflect the full history of Europe and its eras, crossing the beginning of the 1900 and then through the Second World War, the Cold War and, after an uncertain time in which they've been left in a limbo, recently to a new life.

Built during the Prussian Era, they've moved to host the Hitler's army and after the Potsdam Conference, they've started to be used (at least the ones in the East Germany) by the GSSD, the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany, half a million people staying in the GDR from 1945 to 1994, when they moved back.

The photographic project has investigated different aspects of this history, starting from photography and history, but also trying to identify the future and the marks of this story on the architectures and the buildings around the country. Focus of one part of the investigation has been the need to understand where is still possible to say or not that these buildings has a background related with the history of the Soviet Union in East Germany.

These case studies are related to abandoned architectures that the photographers Stefano Corso and Dario-Jacopo Lagana have found during the 2 years of the project, which now are left behind and wait for a new life.

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wewillforgetsoon, April 2nd, 2015
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