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A Sports Center (Master Thesis)

New York, United States of America
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Functions as detached elements on a plane grid.

A Master Thesis by Emmanuel Glyniadakis, entitled A sports center [1964] under the supervision of Myron Goldsmith, Fazlur Kahn and Davis Sharpe. A minimal structure defines the space for an arena, a track with field area, a swimming pool and a flexible area for diverse sporting activities under an 810-foot-square (246,88m by 246,88m) roof.

The steel structure consists of a two-way grid with a height of 5,18m and rests on nine pillars. While the grandstands in the convention hall are sunk into the ground, the project arranges the different elements like furniture objects on a plane field, creating a formal composition. A glazed wall along the roof's periphery seamlessly shelters the program with the public space expanding as a continuous grid from the inside to the outside. The project's architectural expression is characterized by the minimal and consequent expression of the structure and its programmatic infills.

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bostjan, February 8th, 2021
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