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Zoltan Gulyas

Budapest, Hungary
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Zoltan Gulyas (middle) with two architects: Szendroi (left) and Rimanoczy (right)

Zoltan Gulyas (April 10, 1930 - June 16, 2000) was a hungarian architect. He studied architecture at the Imperial Joseph College in Budapest.

He graduated in 1952, and start working at the atelier of Istvan Janaky within the Institution for Public Building Design. He was involved in the reconstruction of the Buda Castle and in the planning of the Technical University of Miskolc. He was get into the Institution for Residential and Communal Building Design in 1954.

Between 1954 and 1956 he was working in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea with a Hungarian group of architects. The group designed several buildings. One of them was the Bacteriological Institute in Phenjan.

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Budapest, Hungary
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