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WUDA* Wurfbaum Dantas

Munich, Germany
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WUDA* is a cross-cultural practice founded by Ines Dantas and Florian Wurfbaum. Their work covers design-projects, research and consulting activities within interdisciplinary strategies and international teams, establishing diverse partnerships and collaborations.

Ines Dantas

Ines Dantas studied Architecture in DARQ, Universidade de Coimbra and in Politecnico di Milano (2001-02). Graduated in 2004 and was awarded the Prize for Best Student. Editor and collaborator of Revista NU between 2002 and 2004. From 2004 to 2006 worked as architect and project leader in Peter Haimerl Studio. Guest lecturer in Universita di Camerino, in Rizvi College of Architecture, Bombay, in Lichtakademie Bartenbach and guest-critic in the Bartlett School of Architecture. Since 2006 teaches Architectural Design at the Institute for experimental Architecture, Studio 3 headed by Prof. Volker Giencke, University of Innsbruck. Since 2006 is founding partner in WUDA* wurfbaum dantas architects.

Florian Wurfbaum

Florian Wurfbaum completed his Diploma in Architecture in Munich in 1999. Since his studies worked for several practices in Munich and Berlin and from 2001 to 2003 worked in London as a free-lance architect. Back from London he opened his practice BuroWurfbaum in Munich in 2003. Beside his practical work he develops the theoretical space-model 'Jack of all trays', published internationally. In 2003 he co-founded the network FAN (Friendly Architects from your Neighbourhood). Since 2006 he is founding partner in WUDA* wurfbaum dantas architects.

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Munich, Germany
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