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Team 7

, Italy
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Mussolini observes the composition of P. M. Bardi exposed on a table surrounded by a large group of young Italian rationalist architects including Adalberto Libera - with the mustache leaning against a side of the table - and Giuseppe Terragni - that stands behind the head of government.

Team 7 was a group of Italian architects who wanted to reform architecture by the adoption of rationalism. It was formed in 1926 by Luigi Figini, Guido Frette, Sebastiano Larco, Giuseppe Pagano, Gino Pollini, Carlo Enrico Rava, Giuseppe Terragni and Ubaldo Castagnoli, replaced the following year by Adalberto Libera. Team 7 declared that intent was to strike a middle ground between the classicism and the industrially-inspired architecture.

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, Italy
thedani, January 25th, 2017
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