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Stephan Braunfels

Berlin, Germany
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Professor Stephan Braunfels studied architecture at the Technical University of Munich. In 1978, he started his architect's office in Munich. First competition successes and his plans and critiques on urban design concepts for Munich, formed the basis for the exhibition "Designs for Munich", shown in 1987 at the Deutsches Architekturzentrum (German Centre for Architecture) in Frankfurt/Main.

As an advisor to the City of Dresden in 1991-1993, Stephan Braunfels designed the master plan for the reconstruction of the historic city centre of Dresden. After the completion of first projects in Munich and Dresden, Stephan Braunfels wins two international competitions. He is awarded the first prize for the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich and the first prize for a new parliamentary building for the German Bundestag in Berlin.

The Berlin branch office was established in 1996. Stephan Braunfels continues to develop designs for Berlin, among them the reconstruction of the former Stadtschloss (City Palace) and a new planning concept for the Kulturforum. After the completion of the New Ulm Center in 2006 the office continuously expands its field of work with international projects. In addition to designs realized in Mexico, Italy, USA and Qatar the office currently planing a new administrative building for the European Commission in Luxemburg as well as a cultural and conference center in China.

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Berlin, Germany
bostjan, February 23rd, 2016
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