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Staab Architekten

Berlin, Germany
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"To condense the complex conditions of architecture to a simple, plausible shape, is a major concern of our work. This contextual, functional, economic and technical conditions play an equally important role as formal aspects that develop from the logic of a structure.Dealing with the topography of the town, the interpretation and integration of structural conditions encountered and the contemporary use of regional materials also form the fund from which the respective concepts are developed.Focusing on the essentials is the focus and is pursued with the gentle, conceptual use of shape, material and color to every detail.With this approach, our office is dedicated to a wide range of different building projects, which ranges from new buildings, which are inserted in sensitive urban and landscape spaces to modifications and new interpretations of listed buildings. Our main activities are in the planning and design of cultural buildings, research and teaching buildings and office and administrative buildings."

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Berlin, Germany
  1. Architect Website
archibald, June 20th, 2013
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