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Romano Boico

Trieste, Italy
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Romano Boico graduated at the University of Architecture of Venice in 1944. His early works are still rich of suggestions received from the Mediterranean classicism, seen and studied in the thirties and forties, as in the village-garden housing estate in Cologna in Monte (1946). Boico is interested in international modern architecture, which has Mediterranean references, such apartment house in via Murat (1948) and the tower house in Via Giulia (1947 and 1953), or the building coop INAIL (1950). He worked Aldo Cervi at the project for a juvenile re-education institute (1948), the competition design for the headquarters and general services Ente Industrial port (1952) and the Outpatient Clinic and surgical sanitarium INAM (1950-56).

Boico simultaneously cultivates the interest for interior design and furnishings, which leads him to initially design the shop Brands (1948) and subsequently interiors of apartments. The synthesis of different project experiences is through the reading of Bruno Zevi, to his interest for organic architecture and knowledge of the design principles of Ernesto Nathan Rogers, present in Trieste often for lectures. From 1963 until 1980 Boico teaches architecture at the Institute of Naval Architecture, University of Trieste. It is in fact the early sixties the last stylistic turning point in this regard to Boico, which initially manifests itself in particular in the interior of the motor ships Guglielmo Marconi (1961-63), Oceanic (1962-65) and Italy (1964-67), then express themselves vigorously in the house for the art critic Garibaldo Marussi (1964-67) and in the house of the sculptor Marcello Mascherini (1966-67).

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Trieste, Italy
bostjan, December 31st, 2016
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