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Rodolfo Diaz Cervantes

Mexico City, Mexico
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Rodolfo's work serves a concern about the process and meaning of materials as well as a formal rigor that results from the influence of architecture. Variants, order and meaning of different objects like construction, superposition and appropriation are recurring themes in his practice. He works in various media such as sculpture, drawing and photography.

He has worked in architectural projects transforming the buildings into sculptures which later would be exposed in the Centre Pompidou and the Venice Biennale (2012).

In February 2015 he was invited by curator Chris Sharp for an individual project in the ARCO Madrid Art Fair. He participated in the Mercosur Biennial 2015 and his most recent exhibitions include Tocar Madera presented at Casa del Lago (UNAM) and Tres pies: el enigma de la sucesion. Envejecimiento y retiro at the Museum of Art of Sinaloa. In 2005 he obtained the Young Artists Scholarship and in 2011 won the Honorable Mention at the Eco Pavilion Contest.

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Mexico City, Mexico
bostjan, October 25th, 2018
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