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Rebelo De Andrade

Lisbon, Portugal
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Luis, Madalena and Tiago

Two essential components have always dominated the work developed by Rebelo de Andrade Studio: the client and respect for the scenery.As a matter of fact, the efficiency of this atelier is continuously expressed in the conciliation of both components. Architecture is a multi-subject activity in which technical sophistication and cost management are essential. Yet, architecture is simultaneously an art, and this must never be forgotten.

Our capacity to join together all of these attributes as well as to perform in accordance to the principal of good professionalism has resulted in over a decade of fully accomplished projects. In a moment of such rapid and intense globalization, where the true basis of our activity are so often forgotten, we strive to further implement and strengthen our presence. Thus, we've extended the activities of Rebelo de Andrade Studio to the areas of Urban Planning and Real Estate Promotion. These significant and growing variants of activities have been developed either alone or with a number of strategic partners.

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Lisbon, Portugal
kwisakhaderah, April 30th, 2017
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