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Berlin, Germany
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Buero for Realarchitektur, Berlin

Realarchitektur is a Berlin based architectural practice owned and directed by Petra Petersson Architektin BDA. Realarchitektur was founded in 2003.

One of their first commissions was the award winning project Sammlung Boros (Reichsbahnbunker) the conversion and extension of a listed air-raid bunker in Berlin for the contemporary art collector Christian Boros to house art, living and exhibition spaces. Realarchitektur exhibited the bunker in the German contribution to the Architecture Biennale in Venice in 2006 "Convertible City". The project has been exhibited, published and has received a series of awards such as for example a nomination for the Nordic architecture price Forum AID 2008, the "architekturpreis beton 2008", the third prize in the contract world award 2009, the BDA prize Berlin 2009, honorary mention at the Architekturpreis Berlin. >> list of awards and publication

Currently Realarchitektur is working on diverse projects for private and public use in Berlin and Stockholm. Amongst other an art-centre with a theatre, galleries, artist studios and private houses are being developed in close cooperation with the clients and the future tenants.

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Berlin, Germany
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aleeshacallahan, June 10th, 2013
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