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Milan Lojanica

Belgrade, Serbia
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Milan Lojanica, Serbian architect, full Member of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Professor atthe Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, was born on January 8, 1939 in Belgrade. Upon completing secondary schooling in Belgrade, 1957, he enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture and graduated in 1962.

From 1963 on he was engaged in the Institute of Architecture and city planning of the FR of Serbia. He was elected Teaching Assistant at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade in 1965, Assistant Professor in 1975, Associate Professor in 1979, and Full Professor in 1988. In the frame of his professional, artistic, scientific-educational and other activities he has performed numerous duties. His most significant engagement has been in teaching activities at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, where he was several terms Chief of the Department, Vice-dean for Teaching and Head of the Program for Post-graduate Studies. Apart from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, he has also taught at anumber of other universities, took part in exhibitions and lectured upon invitation, took active part in numerous conferences and seminars in the country and abroad. He is a member of several professional associations: the Council of Grand Prize of the Serbian Union of Architects, Serbian Academy of Architects. For the Corresponding member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts is elected in 2003 and became a Full member in 2009. Since 2006 he is Editor of Serbian encyclopedia for the field of visualarts and architecture (SANU i Matica srpska). He is a full member of The Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia (AESS) since 2004 and also a member of the Academy of Architecture of Serbia from it's foundation in 1995. In the 2011 hi was elected to be a Secretary of the Department of Fine Arts and Music in the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

He was awarded by meny professional, social and foreign awards, including two October awards of the City of Belgrade, the Grand Award for Architecture of the Serbian Union of Architects, the prize of the Supreme Council of Warsaw City, Diploma of the Students of the Belgrade University and numerous highest prizes at international, national and regional selections to professional competitions for architectural-city planning solutions in the country and abroad. Professor Lojanica focused his professional, scientific and educational interest on the activities in the field of theory and practice of architectural-city planning design. He is the author of more than twenty realized projects and projects.

Author of the books and editions:Goclaw Warsaw a town model for 100.000 inhabitants (Interpretation de travail laureateinternational concours-seminaire Varsovie - Goclaw); Center for Analysis and Design of Spatial Systems ISPU, Belgrade, 1973; 106 pages, bilingual (M. L. and group of authors); Notes from the Drawing Table, "Arhitektura-Urbanizam", No.74-77, 1975 Previous study for selection of optimum system for industrial production of residential houses and industrial facilities - monograph: "Kirilo Savic", IAUS and Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade 1977/78; 110 pages (functional-spatial aspect); Concept of urban plan and project of the center of Valjevo, Institute of architecture and city planning of Serbia, Belgrade, 1981; The Sava amphitheater and the space along the Sava River, the study on possible transformation of space into a new city core - final assumptions; Belgrade 1988/93; 246 pp., the Board for the Third Millenium, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (Manager of a Multidisciplinary Team and the concluding text); Projekt zespolu belgradzkiego, Stowarzyszenie architektow Polskih, Varsovie, 1972 (M.L. and group of authors); Housing block 19a, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Architecture contemporaine 86/87, Editions Antony Krafft, Bibliotheque des Arts, Paris-Lausanne, 1986 (text M. L., rest M. L. and group of authors); Architecture - Built Environment; Great Threads of the City, Belgrade 1998; Design process and some aspects of the research of architectural form, A collection of authorized lectures from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade and Banja Luka, Belgrade, 1999.

His most important realized works

Office and residential building "Vetprom" in Bacvanska Street, Belgrade, team work, 1969-72; Residential settlement "Julino brdo" - Belgrade,(with B. Jovanovic and P.Cagic) 1967-71; Reconstruction of the central zone of Valjevo with arrangement of the square "Trg marsala Tita" in Karadordeva Street (with B. Krkovic , P.Cagic, B. Jovanovic , R. Maric, M. Bozanic and B. Krkovic) 1971-80; The House of Armed Forces the Army Headquarters and Hotel in Ljubljana, team work, 1973-1975; The "Block 19A" residential settlement in New Belgrade(with P. Cagic, B. Jovanovic and R. Maric), 1976-82; Office and commercial centre "Pasarela", Banovo Brdo, Belgrade, 1990-97; The Residential and office building at the corner of Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra, No. 179-181, 1991-98; Single family house in Augusta Cesareca Street, Belgrade (with V.Lojanica), 2000-03; Reconstruction of the central part of SANU building with concert hall, Knez Mihailova Street, belgrade, 2000-05, etc.

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Belgrade, Serbia
mariathuroczy, May 5th, 2014
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