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Michel Rojkind

Mexico D.F., Mexico
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Michel Rojkind (born December 18, 1969 in Mexico City) He founded rojkind arquitectos in 2002 with the ideaof exploring new challenges that address contemporary society, of designing compelling experiences that go beyond mere functionality, and of connecting at a deeper level with the intricacies of each project.He has been short-listed to participate in several large-scale international projects, in countries including Mexico, Canada, Kuwait, China, Dubai,Singapore and Spain.He has been a visiting professor at SCI Arc in L.A. and at IACC in Barcelona, has participated as juror at several international awards and competitionsand has lectured in many different countries. Besides being a member of the "SCI-Arc Future Initiatives Network", Rojkind was selected "EmergingVoices" New York, 2010. Part of his recent most representative lectures are "Architectural Record 's Innovation" in 2011, "TEDx", 2010, and "3rdHolcim Forum for Sustainable Construction", 2010.In 2010 Michel Rojkind was listed by the Los Angeles Times among "Faces to Watch in 2010", he was named one of the Country's Treasured Architects by the Mexican Civil Registry and was featured by ProMexicoMagazine as one of the "50 Mexican Names in the Global Creative Scene".In 2011 he was named by Wallpaper* Magazine as one of the 150 movers,shakers and makers that have rocked the world in the last 15 years.

rojkind arquitectos is a Mexico City - based innovative firm whose work spans across a diverse and global platform providing solutions to contemporary architectural and urban strategies. It is nurtured by amultinational team, gathering experts from all fields that are involved in a highly collaborative, research and experimental based design process.rojkind arquitectos has won several Honors and Awards, including Interior Design's Best of Year 2011 Award, as well as Arch Daily's Building of the Year 2011 Award. The firm was recognized by Architectural Recordin 2005 as one of the ten best "Design Vanguard" firms. In 2010 Michel invited Gerardo Salinas, AIA to become the firm's first partner.

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Mexico D.F., Mexico
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