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Ivan I. Rerberg

Moscow, Russia
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Ivan Ivanovich Rerberg (October 4, 1869-1932, Moscow) was a Russian civil engineer, architect and educator, active in Moscow in 1897-1932. Rerberg's input to present-day Moscow include Kiyevsky Rail Terminal, Central Telegraph building and the Administration building of Moscow Kremlin. Rerberg, a fourth member in a dynasty of engineers, was credited with innovative approach to structural frames and despised the title of an architect, always signing his drafts Engineer Rerberg.

Ivan Rerberg was educated in a Cadet Corps, was commissioned into military engineers, and graduated from Saint Petersburg Academy of military engineers in 1896. By this time he had solid practical experience in building dams and roads. In the same 1896 he dropped out of military service and joined the construction team of Kharkov locomotive works. Next year Rerberg was hired by Roman Klein as Klein's deputy for structural engineering on the site of Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow.

In 1906-1909 Rerberg, still an associate of Klein, was gradually switching to independent work. In 1925 Rerberg secured a contract to design Central Telegraph building in Tverskaya Street and the building was completed in 1927. The building caused an uproar of avant-garde critics but was praised by mainstream press.

Rerberg's last project, Military College in Kremlin (present-day Administrative Building of Moscow Kremlin) was completed after his death, in 1934.

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Moscow, Russia
ziggurat, November 9th, 2011
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