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El Puente_Lab

Medelin, Colombia
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El puente_lab is a platform for active artistic and cultural production in Medellin - Colombia, which aims to develop cultural projects at the local level, building bridges of communication with artists and experts through operational infrastructure of international cooperation. The projects developed by the puente_lab respond to specific needs of the social context where they are made using artistic creativity as a means of activating cultural dynamics that initiate, facilitate and / or accompany processes of education, communication and urban and social transformation. El puente_lab are Juan Esteban Sandoval, Daniel Alejandro Urrea Pena, Alejandro Vasquez Salinas.


Cooperation with international artists and experts: The methodology of the puente_lab is based on building bridges of communication between people/ distant places and the exchange of ideas as a principle of creative activity. Cultural activation processes that the puente_lab carried out have as central axis the direct participation of people with international experience in the specific field of the project being developed. For each project the puente_lab selected, through its network of contacts, artists or suitable for the development of the required activity experts, this selection can be made directly or through a call. Development of specific proposals for each context: the projects that the puente_lab develops born from the specific needs of the place or entity with which you are working. The first step of each project is a process of dialogue and exchange with the institution that commissioned the project and the creation of a conceptual framework from the perusal of the territory, contact with experts, and research and documentation about the place or topic to be worked.

Medelin, Colombia