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Christoph Ingenhoven

Dusseldorf, Germany
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Christoph Ingenhoven born on 8 March 1960 in Dusseldorf, as the son of architect Robert Ingenhoven and his wife Heidi.

Between 1978 and 1984 Christoph Ingenhoven studied architecture at RWTH Aachen with Wolfgang Doring. Then in 1980-81 at the Academy of Arts Dusseldorf under Professor Hans Hollein.

In 1985 he established Ingenhoven Architects with architects and engineers. Shortly afterwards he won the competition for the construction of Oberpostdirektion in Cologne, a construction of an administrative colossus. It was followed by other competitions, and in 1991 he succeeded the final breakthrough, when his proposal for the new Commerzbank in Frankfurt won the second prise, after Sir Norman Foster, whose design was eventually realized.

Besides his conceptual work Christoph Ingenhoven acts as jury member and expert in several competition processes and gives lectures all over the world.

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Dusseldorf, Germany
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mariathuroczy, November 17th, 2011
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