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Atelier De Montrouge

Montrouge, France
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The Atelier de Montrouge is a collective agency created in 1958 by four architects: Jean Renaudie (1925-1981) and three pupils of Louis Arretche, who had presented the first collective diploma at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in 1952. Jean-Louis Veret (born in 1927) had worked with Le Corbusier in Chandigarh and Ahmedabad, Pierre Riboulet (1928-2003) and Gerard Thurnauer (born in 1926) had collaborated with Michel Ecochard For the University of Karachi.

Influenced by the maturity projects of Le Corbusier, close to the concerns of the architects of Team X, the Atelier de Montrouge realizes buildings with brutalist accents such as the holiday village of Le Merlier in Cap Camarat (1958-1965) From the city of La Plaine to Clamart (1965), buildings for EDF in Issy-les-Moulineaux (1961-1963) and Ivry-sur-Seine (1964-1967).

The four architects engage in reflection on the city, living accommodation, prefabrication which results in many projects that were often unrealized. The studies undertaken for the new town of Vaudreuil near Rouen in the late 1960s reveal dissensions within the group that will not regain the state of grace of previous years. Jean Renaudie left the studio in 1968, and it was dissolved in 1978, each protagonist pursuing his career as an architect separately.

Officially, the agency was successively named "Architectural Workshop Jean Renaudie, Pierre Riboulet, Gerard Thurnauer and Jean-Louis Veret, Architects" (ATM1, 1958-1968), then "Atelier d'architecture Pierre Riboulet, Gerard Thurnauer And Jean-Louis Veret, architects "(ATM2, 1968-1981). Projects and projects carried out during the period of activity of the Joint Agency shall have the status of collective work, irrespective of the principal responsible designated at the time.

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Montrouge, France
johnx, February 10th, 2017
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