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Radio Tower, Tower

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1981 – 1983


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Štefan Ďurkovič, Barnabáš Kissling

Slovak Radio Building Change this

Bratislava, Slovakia
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The Building of Slovak radio is a building in Bratislava and it is shaped like an inverted pyramid. Architects of this project were Štefan Svetko, Štefan Ďurkovič and Barnabáš Kissling. It was completed in 1983. The building is 80 metres high and has a large concert hall. The first test broadcast was made in 1984 and regular broadcasting began on 27 March 1985.

On the basis of a series of competitions in the 1960s but finished only in 1985, the radio building is one of the most controversial structures in Bratislava – in its form of an inverted pyramid. The unusual and provocative shape has attracted much praise and strong dislike, as well as functional criticism for its unsuitability for radio broadcasting due to excessive noise, even though the main studios are located in the perfectly insulated plinth. The radio building was to have been part of a series of large public structures in a greenbelt along a planned circular boulevard. Despite the argument over the form, however, it is impossible to deny its impressive scale and cultivated architectonic composition.


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