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Concrete, Glass, Water, Greenery

Project timeline

2004 – 2007


Park & Garden

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Kralja Petra Prvog Karadjevica
78000 Banja Luka
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Current state


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Music pavilion, Staklenac

Architect Change this

Client Change this

City of Banja Luka


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December 04th, 2020

Park Petar Kocic Change this

Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
by Luka Vidic, Nina Komac, ... Change this

Park Petar Kocic

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The Petar Kočić park in the very center of Banja Luka has had its current appearance for the last ten years, so those who do not get dressed earlier, warmly recommend taking a look at some old photos. They may be surprised.

This city park, created in 1931, under the original name of Ban Svetislav Milosavljević Tisa, was characterized by a multitude of greenery and a central fountain that represented its final symbol of our city. It got its current name in 1932, after a monument to the great Serbian writer Petar Kočić was erected in it. During the Second World War, it was completely demolished, only to be rebuilt later. However, in 2006 the park underwent reconstruction and a complete change of appearance. There is no old fountain since then, the park got a music pavilion.

The catering facility Staklenac in the park Petar Kočić was offered for rent through a public announcement, which was announced by the city on Friday, 7th of December 2018. As part of the process of restructuring the Public Company "Aquana", which has managed this area so far, it was decided to lease this attractive cafe in the lower part of the Music Pavilion. The upper floor of the Music Pavilion will be given to the management of the Banski dvor. The total area of ​​Staklenca is 308.34 square meters, and the initial rent is 14.59 KM per square meter.

Those interested in performing catering activities at that location in the city center should submit applications with the necessary documentation by December 24. Business premises in Ulica kralja Petra I Karađorđevića No. 46, in the public shelter Pećina, in Ulica Teodora Kolokotronisa No. 12 and in Aleja svetog Sava No. 18 are also offered for rent through this public announcement. All business premises are leased for an indefinite period of time. Lease applications can be submitted by any natural or legal person, except for persons who have not fully settled their obligations based on the lease and utility fees to the city.


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